Buyer Decision Process

Buyer Decision Process The buyer decision process describes how consumers make buying decisions.  The process can be broken down into five steps: need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior.  Marketers must pay close attention to each part of the process in order to be successful. Need Recognition is the first … [Read more…]


The update on the latest here is a trust flow of zero.  The number of bad backlinks pointing to the site remains high.  The disavow tool does not appear to be working as planned, so although I have “removed” the links, they appear to still be counting in terms of my page rank because it … [Read more…]

It’s Been a While

Here’s the update on the Google situation.  Entirely useless.  You can disavow backlinks to your site, but it doesn’t seem to help in terms of things like Trust Flow (Majestic tool).  The “trust” that was here is gone now.  It’s amazing to me how a company as big as G can’t figure out a way … [Read more…]

To That Guy

To the jerk who has linked all kinds of crazy, spam domains from other countries to my website, take a long walk off a short pier. This site was for educational purposes, which you obviously do not respect. What makes you think it’s okay to ruin something that I put time into?  Don’t you have … [Read more…]

Market Pricing Strategy

Market Pricing Strategy The price of something is defined as the amount of money charged for a product or service, or sum of all the values a customer gets in order to gain benefits of having or using a product or service.  The price is the only element of the marketing mix that produces revenue, … [Read more…]

SWOT Analysis: Walmart Example

SWOT Analysis of Walmart The Sam Walton Story Sam Walton was born in Oklahoma on March 29, 1918 (Fitzgerald 1).  His father owned a farm, but did not make enough money to support his family, so he went back to his old job as a lender, dealing with mortgages. During the Great Depression, Walton helped … [Read more…]

Nike’s Mission

Nike’s Mission Statement When a business creates a mission statement, it is stating what the intention of the business is, and implying what types of products it will be developing; creating the mission statement is critical to setting the company direction.  One of the more interesting parts of creating new products is product development. Product … [Read more…]

Demography: The Study of Human Populations

Demography is the study of human populations in terms of size, density, location, age, gender, race, occupation, and other statistics.  Learning the demographics of people is very important to businesses because in its’ early stages, a business needs to provide a mission statement, part of which decides who the target market of the business is. … [Read more…]

Mission Statement: Defining Your Purpose

Mission Statements aren’t always the easiest to come up with, but they’re definitely important, since they set the direction for the company.   A mission statement is a statement of an organization’s purpose.  The mission statement answers this question: What does this organization want to accomplish?  Every organization is created for a certain purpose with a clear … [Read more…]